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Our Community

Making a Difference...In Our Community

Alimena Care Packs - In 2015, our Director of Operations, Gary Bell, came up with the idea of creating care packs that include hygiene products, snacks, waters and an uplifting note. We hand them out to homeless people as our staff is driving around town. Over Thanksgiving 2015 we felt led to create and hand out 1,000 care packs by the end of the year and we did.

In 2017, we have been led to put together and hand out 1 Alimena Care Pack to someone in need for every reservation booked. We also plan to partner with non-profit organizations that help eliminate homelessness in Atlanta along with companies that can help supply the items in the care packs. If you know of someone or can help yourself, we are looking for the following items:

Bottled Water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, single-use sanitary wipes, small bottles of hand sanitizer, small non-perishable snacks, gum, personal tissue packs, combs, band aids, Chapstick and zip lock bags.

Our hope is that this would spread across the nation and be just one step in eradicating homelessness. Check out our social media for more information and videos.

Align With Charities That Focus On Helping Those In Need - Our big focus this year is helping other organizations thrive. There are so many organizations that do great things yet lack the support needed to thrive. We like to give gift cards for charity auctions, provide event transportation for charity events and rides for underprivileged kids whenever possible. If you have an organization that meets our criteria, we would like to know how we can help you.

Mentoring and Developing Others - This is a big passion of ours. We love to help other businesses in our industry succeed and sponsor a monthly mentoring session for members of the Greater Atlanta Limousine Association. We are also developing other mentorship opportunities to help companies and individuals succeed.

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