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Experience The Alimena Difference...In Our Affiliates

Alimena Limousine & Worldwide Transportation works with only the best affiliates. We set our standards very high and expect our Certified Affiliates to do the same. We want to work with companies that are willing to live up to 8 Principles of The Alimena Standard Of Servanthood.

  1. Live With Integrity
  2. Be Faithful Stewards
  3. Communicate Clearly
  4. Be Professional</li>
  5. Be Reliable
  6. Be Respectful
  7. Put Others First
  8. Surpass Expectations

We want to create a community of Certified Affiliates that collaborate and share principles and practices to help each other grow into better companies and better leaders. We want to work with more established companies to create industry leading practices and help raise the bar in luxury transportation. We want to help new entrepreneurs and younger companies with resources and support to help make them successful. We also want to be a resource for training programs and procedures that they can use to further develop their businesses and employees. We want to be Making a Difference along with each Certified Affiliate to ensure we create a community of leaders and innovators in our industry. If you feel you meet the following criteria, then please apply to be an Alimena Certified Affiliate today and let’s work together to Make a Difference.

Requirements for becoming an Alimena Certified Affiliate:

All companies must meet all the required criteria and be approved by Alimena Limousine & Worldwide Transportation before becoming an Alimena Certified Affiliate.

  1. Must agree to the terms and conditions of the Alimena Limousine & Worldwide Transportation Affiliate Expectations Agreement and agree to enforce these expectations among their chauffeurs at all times to provide the level of service we expect from our Certified Affiliates.
  2. Must be a legitimate limousine and transportation company with all the required permits and licenses listed under that same company. Alimena only sends work to companies that own their own vehicles and employs their own chauffeurs.
  3. Must provide and maintain quality, legal and safe service and continue to be permitted and operate in accordance with federal, state, city and airport laws and requirements where said company provides service including but not limited to having:
    • A legally registered business entity.
    • Proper and current state registration and license plate tags for each vehicle in service.
    • Properly and currently registered with state, city and airport regulatory commissions for all vehicles and services where said company provides service.
    • US DOT Interstate or Intrastate Registration for all vehicles in operation requiring such registration. All vehicles must have proper identification on every vehicle at all times.
    • Must have at least the minimum automobile liability insurance required by each state, city and airport regulatory commission and meeting the USDOT for Intrastate or Interstate Commerce for the vehicles owned by the Affiliate where said company provides service.
    • Registered, collect and pay required state and city sales tax as required by state and city laws.
    • Maintain current airport permits and decals for every airport said company provides service.
    • Maintain current city and state permits and decals for every city and state said company provides service.
    • All chauffeurs have on them at all times a current Driver's License with proper endorsements, Class "C", Commercial Driver License (CDL) if required, DOT Medical Card if required and an airport ID badge for every airport said company provides service.
  4. Must maintain a current ACORD Certificate of Liability Insurance with Alimena, listing Alimena Limousine, LLC, 1950 Airport Rd, Suite F, Atlanta, GA 30341 as additionally insured.
  5. Must maintain status updates for Driver On Way, Driver On Site, Client In Car and Trip Complete throughout every trip by calling dispatch at 678-254-8298 Ext 2 or by email to dispatch@alimenaworldwide.com.
  6. Must represent Alimena Worldwide to all of our clients and remove all marketing material from vehicles.

Once an application and all the required paperwork is submitted and approved we will set up an interview. Provided the potential affiliate meets our criteria they will proceed to a final review before becoming an Alimena Certified Affiliate.

The Alimena Affiliate Promise

Alimena Limousine & Worldwide Transportation will:

  1. Maintain the 8 principles of The Alimena Standard Of Servanthood.
  2. Ensure a fair rate every trip.
  3. Pay affiliates either by credit card upon completion of the trip or by check within 30 days.
  4. Communicate clearly and as detailed as possible the information for every trip.
  5. Be available to answer questions 24/7.
  6. Provide exceptional service for all affiliates sending work to Alimena and representing their company to the highest standards.

If you are interested in becoming an Alimena Certified Affiliate, please begin by completing our Alimena Affiliate Application and Agreement below.

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Interested in joining our team?

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